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Urban Edibles
Urban Edibles

Urban plant identification is currently an educational avenue that is untapped. Although the metropolitan environment consists of brick and mortar, it is home to many forms of plants. Whether it is in a well-manicured public park or abandoned lot, plant life finds its way through the clusters of concrete.
For most urban residents, seeing plants sprout out of concrete is a nuisance. But what if you could identify that plant, emerging from the sidewalk crack, as edible or something which could be used for medicinal purposes?
By representing a few of these plants larger-than-life, we can, as pedestrians or urban gardeners, familiarize ourselves with what already exists in our immediate surroundings to shed light on an abundant natural resource.
I have fashioned the layout of the mural similar to botanical illustrations or white chalk on a blackboard. I am interested in the idea of a large visual representation to aid plant identification in inner-city environments and to use it as a tool for an urban nature lesson.
This kind of mural also provides interest in the conversation about eating local, and a remedy to the issues of healthy food access in urban areas with the so-called “food deserts”.
My hope is to replicate this idea throughout many different cities while also considering what specific species are found in each location.