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Edible Aid
Edible Aid

Just as Mentha × piperita, better known as peppermint, aids digestion in humans I wanted to see if it would aid the digestion of an over grown abandoned lot. The aroma of mint also has a cleansing affect and is thought to exhilarate the mind.

The act of propagating any plant within under utilized land or abandoned areas has always proven to influence an increase of habitat for both animals and humans. As an act of introducing edible weeds in urban areas it is to oppose the stereotype that weeds are negative. I wanted to suggest that grooming or controlling a weed could be done by pedestrian harvesters which, then could be eaten or used medicinally. Like many other urban plants peppermint can also be very invasive. In response to this I planted one of my clippings in front of a Bansky tag, which made me think about the act of guerilla gardening as a form of tagging. An art form that grows from my own domestic houseplant, that would, with a little more sun and rain, expand or continue to “tag” more areas all it’s own.

A second clipping was planted in a perfectly manicured median strip in front of two abandoned houses that are quite literally being destroyed by a powerfully invasive ivy. The idea was to begin a reversal of this by planting fast growing invasive mint in the well-kept median strip to demonstrate a contrast of importance.